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Your Guide to Practice Success

The focus of T.L. Funk Consulting is on being an experienced guide for healthcare practices seeking to grow and improve – benefitting its providers, staff and patients.

  • Operational and Strategic Practice Assessments
  • Evaluation and Implementation of new projects, services and locations
  • New Practice Start-Up and Business Planning
  • Process Optimization – Administrative, Revenue Cycle, Procedural Flow and Work Environment
  • Review and Compliance for Contracts, Agreements and Leases
  • Retained Executive-Administrative Leadership

Why Choose T.L. Funk?


Loren is an expert in healthcare operations,  brings more than 30 years of healthcare leadership experience to his consulting.

Comprehensive Strategy

We touch every part of a healthcare facility’s operations, from developing new services to

Tangible Results

When our consulting is put into action, you’ll feel the impact both in day-to-day operations and in your bottom line, helping you support your staff and serve more clients.